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A SPARKLING CRYSTAL TO AROMATISE YOUR DAYSBright Crystal by Versace is an “Eau de Toilette” for women, with floral and fruity notes. This creation is totally bright and sparkling, a fusion of delicacy and sensuality, led to a romantic and amorous woman, yet bold and passionate. This fragrance was created in 2006 by Alberto Morillas. This fragrance is the little sister of Crystal Noir and brings together all that it should symbolize: delicacy, innocence, tenderness and timidity, but bathed in an air of playfulness and daring. A young romantic woman, in love with by nature and a soft sensual touch, a beautiful and elegant sensuality, far from the audacity and the gall. Its top notes, take a very acidic and fresh thanks to yuzu tone, it is slowing its acidity thanks to a slight touch of granada. His heart is totally floral, a bouquet of wildflowers composed of magnolia, peony and lotus flower, caressing the skin leaving it sliky and creamy. Finally, it appears slightly sweeter and wood notes, such as mahogany and amber, but bring you a lot of intensity.HIGH FEMININITY. This fragrance denotes a high tone feminine, Marked by patterns of haute couture. Versace to the premises of a woman must be delicate, glamorous and sensual, and Bright Crystal is the representation of the three. A JEWEL OR A PERFUME? It is a very common question before making a gift to a woman. With this fragrance you give the two things at once. The bottle represents a precious stone, a diamond, and inside is its most precious jewel: perfume.LUMINOUS FRAGRANCE. In its advertising announcement, the protagonist lies on a bed, in the dark of night, and is illuminated by the light from this fragrance. Therefore, we are Looking at an object full of light and energy.


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